E3, Gamescom and Paris Gamesweek are all major showcases for hundreds of upcoming videogames, each one taking place in vast event spaces that are filled with gaming media and enthusiasts. Three similar events that we tackled in three very different ways.

For E3 2015, we produced a diverse blend of content. This included a montage condensing dozens of major new game announcements into just a few minutes, a collection of indie developers describing their idea of a perfect game – which sounded curiously like their own games – and blow-by-blow breakdowns of brand new game footage straight from the developer.

Gamescom in Cologne is the largest public-facing gaming event in Europe, attracting 345,000 visitors over four days. We found ourselves right in the thick of it as we occupied a dedicated booth for visual computing technology leaders NVIDIA. There, we interviewed dozens of leading game and technology developers for a series of daily update videos. These were written and fronted by our own Dan Maher, and shot and edited by our team to incredibly tight publishing deadlines.

And as for Paris Gamesweek, well, we didn’t attend at all. Instead, we were trusted to visit the client’s development studios months before they all debuted their new content to the world, giving us time to produce high-quality video content in optimal conditions. The videos were then released immediately after the games were announced in Paris, giving audiences at home instant access to a wealth of new information.

Explosive Alan always aims to make the most of events. We love to devise creative video concepts that exploit the unique editorial opportunities they present, and convey the energy and atmosphere of the live experience.