As a creative video agency, Explosive Alan excels at taking even the most modest of briefs and transforming them into a fully realised video content strategy. Our team of top-tier in-house creatives will work closely with you to devise a concept you’ll love, and then take on all duties, from scripting and storyboarding, all the way through to post-production polish like animation and motion graphics. We always provide a range of tailored campaigns to suit a variety of budgets and requirements. No order is too tall, no project too small.


Live events, be they trade shows, parties, award ceremonies or performances, can be unpredictable, noisy environments with fluid schedules and last-minute opportunities – in short, the antithesis of a controlled studio shoot.

Fortunately, we have a combined 50+ years of experience of shooting in these scenarios for major brand and product showcases on an international level, from Los Angeles to Tokyo. We will provide an agile, adaptable crew who will take the initiative - freeing you up to dedicate time to other priorities - and have an in-house writer-presenter with a wealth of interviewing, on-camera presenting and live hosting experience. We’re also happy to accommodate same-day and overnight edit requests.


Sometimes you have a very clear picture of the video you want, and simply require a talented, experienced agency to ensure that what you have in mind is exactly what ends up on the screen. We will provide only the crew and equipment necessary for a smooth, efficient cost-effective shoot, and deliver a high quality edit to deadline. 

And if you have an opportunity, but would benefit from some editorial guidance to make the most of it, our team of video production veterans can provide ideas that will help to enhance your concept.



Transparency is important to us, particularly when quoting for a project. Just what are all these services we recommend, and why do our clients need them? Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common services we provide, and a clear explanation of what they actually entail.



Editorial Director Dan is also a veteran presenter with a dedicated following (currently over 30,000 on Twitter) and experience of pre-recorded, live and on-stage presenting for TV and commercial clients. We also have access to trusted external talent too.



Our in-house voice artist has a wealth of experience across TV and web, and, unlike most VO artists, he often writes his own material. Again, we can also handle sourcing of external talent if required.



We'll also take care of casting external talent to meet your brief. We can cast actors, models and voiceover artists to spec, or liaise with agents to recruit celebrity talent, including popular YouTubers like Charlie McDonnell, Ali-A and Jack Jones.



An ambitious shoot, especially one with a tight schedule, requires previsualisation to ensure that all necessary shots are planned and accounted for. This series of hand-drawn images allows the client to get an idea of how everything will look and flow before a single second has been shot.



Our experienced resident writer will provide dialogue, voiceover and/or PTCs that meet your brief and match your in-house tone of voice.


Project ManageR

Your direct liaison for the duration of the project will also oversee all aspects of production, including recruitment of external crew and talent, studio hire, booking travel and accommodation and scheduling.



Camera Operator

All of our camera operators have years of experience behind the lens, and are guaranteed to make your videos look exceptional using some of the best equipment around.



Recommended for larger-scale projects, the director will oversee all aspects of production, ensuring that shoots are completed efficiently and to schedule. They will also bring their artistic eye to proceedings, ensuring that the client brief is fully met.


Sound Engineer

Required for both in-house voiceover recording sessions and to guarantee flawless audio for on-location and studio shoots. Our sound engineer of choice is incredibly versatile, specialising in film, TV and music production.



If you want to bring a spectacular new perspective to your video, drone footage is a great, cost-effective way to add cinematic production values. We have a DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter equipped with a Zenmuse X3 gimbal and camera, which produces beautifully smooth 4K video at 30FPS (or 60FPS at 1080p). 



We have several brilliant make-up artists on our books, with experience in fashion, beauty, film and TV. They’ll make sure that everyone on camera looks their best or, thanks to their experience in prosthetics, their worst.




Using the full suite of Adobe video editing software, our team can spin raw footage into expertly edited, perfectly paced, beautifully graded gold. We recommend two days’ minimum for optimal edit quality, but can accommodate shorter turnarounds.



We have a team of professional animators and illustrators that are guaranteed to enhance your video by combining spectacular 2D animation, 3D SFX and motion graphics with live-action content. 



If you're after something a little more static, our talented illustrators can produce anything from print design to full character-led pieces. They'll work with you throughout the process, providing their professional expertise throughout to ensure that the finished piece exceeds your expectations.

Please note:
All shoots will incur a fixed additional production cost fee, incorporating insurance, per diems, music licensing and archiving
There is also an additional cost for equipment hire. Hire charge varies depending on requirements of project