By all accounts, 2016 is the year that virtual reality will finally become an everyday piece of household technology. Sony was the first console manufacturer to embrace mass-produced head-mounted displays when it revealed Project Morpheus – now officially named PlayStation VR.

When we heard that Morpheus prototypes were being shown to the public at a major gaming event, we set to work thinking about how we could create an entertaining video without the ability to capture footage of the VR experiences being demonstrated. We decided that the attendees’ natural responses to witnessing VR for the first time would fit the bill perfectly.

The resulting video, entitled ‘Faces of Morpheus’, was adopted by Sony globally and seen by millions. It featured on the PlayStation 4 dashboard, and was utilised at a number of international gaming events and to illustrate a keynote speech by the president of its worldwide gaming division.

To capitalise on the excitement the video generated, we then set to work travelling to key Sony development studios around the world to talk to the people working on PlayStation VR games. These candid interviews formed the basis of a second video, ‘Making VR a Reality’, which once again received widespread attention from gaming fans and media.

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