No Man’s Sky is the story of the small indie studio that could. Guildford-based developer Hello Games rocked the gaming world when it revealed that players could simultaneously explore a universe filled with 18 quintillion uncharted planets.

In 2014, we travelled to Los Angeles with PlayStation Europe to cover E3, the biggest event in the global videogaming calendar, and secured an interview with Hello Games’ studio head Sean Murray. What was supposed to be a quick 10-minute interview became an in-depth half-an-hour discussion, and it was clear to everyone involved that we had something special on our hands.

In order to really make the feature sing, we arranged to visit the studio once we’d returned to the UK, and secured additional original footage and previously unseen archive material of the team at work. The finished piece garnered widespread attention from the international gaming press, and attracted well in excess of a million views.

In the light of our work on this video and our clear enthusiasm for the project, Hello Games began working with us on a variety of other video projects. This included providing the background visuals for a live performance of the soundtrack and even consulting on the equipment required to run the game when it was demonstrated on a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

At Explosive Alan, we pride ourselves on building these sort of lasting relationships with our clients based not only on our ability to deliver quality content, but also the passion and knowledge that we have for the subjects of our work.