When Activision collaborated with Gamespot to produce a 21-episode season of shows dedicated to Call of Duty, Explosive Alan was recruited to handle all aspects of its weekly production. We took responsibility for devising the overall format, scripting each episode, providing the on-camera talent and interacting with the show’s audience via social media.

The resulting show, Aim Down Sights, was a unique blend of marketing and editorial content, written and presented by a genuine fan of the games and featuring a mix of pro gamers, popular YouTubers, celebrities and development talent.

After earning impressive viewing figures and audience engagement, the show picked up an internal marketing award and was recommissioned for a second series. Aim Down Sights season 2 was built exclusively around Call of Duty Black Ops 3, added YouTube royalty iJustine to the presenting team and featured episodes filmed in Los Angeles, San Diego, Cologne and Paris.

This is just one example of how Explosive Alan utilises the technical, creative, editorial and social nous of its in-house team to produce engaging content that satisfies marketing objectives and speaks directly to the target audience.